• About our Products

About our Products

All WPC products of Wallong are designed in idea of reducing timber usage and recycling plastic, which brings helps to protect the environment. Our products are produced to be durable, nice looking and in a affordable price.

The main products are decking, cladding, Decking tiles and fence. From material and production techniques, outdoor WPC products is classified into conventional (1st generation ) and co-extrusion (2nd -3rd generation )these 2 big categories .They we diversified into more collections with different and outstanding characteristic. In conventional WPC, we develop 2 collections, Standard Conventional and Deep Embossed Conventional. In co-extrusion WPC, there are 5 collections, ACME wood co-extrusion, Sandblasted wood co-extrusion, Superior wood co-extrusion, Superior RESIST co-extrusion and a new co-extrusion 2020 unnamed.

Wallong WPC has a wide ranges of products and we can do fire-resistant in excellent rating, Bfl-s1 & Bs2-d0 on Sandblasted Series which is the exclusive product. Our leading ability on developing new products and our strong technical support make us a stronger enterprise and our products highly appreciated by our customers and peers.

Since Wallong WPC established in 2008, we have are dedicated to more on quality and innovations of products. The warranty for our co-extrusion products is 10-20 years. Further more, most of co-extrusion products are self-developed from us, there’re some items even exclusive which other factories can’t produce. Wallong  keep studying and developing, contributing our efforts to the upgrading of WPC industry, and offering more better products to our customers!

Wallong WPC Decking VS Other Factory

1.Natural Timber Looking  

Wallong Superior Wood decking with natural timber look distinguished with other factories decking.The real wood texture and color variation give you unprecedented visual feast. On the contrary, other factories decking looks more plastic.



Wallong co-extrusion decking with 360° capped layer, protect the core from cracking, stain, fading and mould. Under the protective armor, our decking with white wood powder and qualified PE, plus the professional cutting, without any bubble or cracking, and every hole is round and regular.



Some factories choose to use inferior plastic, and the extrusion technology is not professional, so the out shield of the co-extrusion decking will show bubble issue. Wallong Superior Wood will not have this issue.



Some factory use inferior plastic and wood fiber, so the decking will deform after the temperature changing. Wallong use high quality HDPE and special formula to keep the expansion and contraction of the material.



The reason for colour fading comes from the wood fibre content. Wood naturally fades if not protected. Most of the time manufacturers brush their boards which damages the plastic, allowing the wood fibres to be exposed to the surface. Inconsistent fading occurs due to the manufacturer’s inability to control the consistency of the colourant and raw materials being added.



Many manufacturers add calcium / filler to their product to enhance the stiffness of the board, but it makes the board more brittle. Therefore, when installers try to drill into the board there is a potential that it might crack.


7. Scratch Resistance

Wallong new co-extrusion is the newest product which update formula on the basis of Superior Wood, which is super anti-scratch due to our developed formula.