• Wallong® Environmental Story

Environmental protection is always supreme in Wallong

WPC Decking as a kind of environmental protection of outdoor building materials, it adheres to the affinity of a real wood floor but also has excellent moisture-proof, waterproof, mothproof, high strength and other functions, which is a new choice can replace the traditional wood floor.

Wood plastic composite materials have very significant ecological and environmental benefits, and the raw materials are mainly natural wood fibers discarded from crops. However, the raw materials with unclear sources or low-priced inferior materials will produce harmful substances that are noxious to the human body and the environment during processing, use, and recycling. Therefore, we refuse to use inferior raw materials that will produce hazardous substance.


Furthermore, over-deforestation has now become a global environmental problem. In order to reduce the logging of timber, we advocate of using wood plastic composite products to reduce timber cutting so as to protect the earth and contribute to our society, which is also the meaning of our technological development.