WPC Decking VS Wood Decking
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Wood Plastic Composite Decking

WPC composite decking and wood decking are the most common options when you plan your dream decking.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) composite decking is an artificial building product made of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastics. With a nice appearance resembling real wood, WPC composite decking requires little maintenance and has become a great alternative to other decking types.

Wood decking is made of the original and traditional material wood, generally classified into softwood decking and hardwood decking. Softwood decking is easy to rot over time, while hardwood decking delivers a natural warmth and feel.

WPC Decking VS. Wood Decking

While you are going to build a new deck or replace the old and worn decks, you will find lots of decking options. Among them, WPC composite decking and wood decking are the most popular choices. Yet precisely, WPC composite decking is much better than wood decking.


While you are going to build a new deck or replace the old and worn decks, you will find lots of decking options. Among them, WPC composite decking and wood decking are the most popular choices. Yet precisely, WPC composite decking is much better than wood decking.


Wood decking requires high maintenance costs – on average, this expense will be up to USD450-USD850 per year. In comparison, WPC composite decking is much cost-effective; it just requires USD5-USD15 each year.

Service Life

Wood decking is susceptible to mold, decay, and insects, and has a shorter service life. WPC composite decking is the opposite, which can retain its good looks year after year.

Environmental Protection & Toxicity

Toxic chemicals are often found in some wood decking. But WPC composite decking is a type of eco composite decking made of recycled plastics, wood scraps, and other materials. Using these ingredients prevents the generation of more than 70,000 tonnes of plastics and other wastes annually in refuse landfills or incinerators. Moreover, the eco composite decking can also avoid further deforestation and water waste in the manufacturing process.


WPC composite decking is smoother than wood decking. Following tests under accelerated weather conditions, such eco composite decking is weather-resistant, protective against UV degradation, and water absorbent. This means that it will not splinter, split, crack, or rot quickly, ensuring a safer playing space for your children and pets, and even your bare feet.


Many consumers are fascinated by the natural appearance of wood decking. As technologies advance, WPC composite decking can also be like natural wood. Plus, the eco composite decking can be made into subtle streaking and varied wood grain patterns, meeting different consumer needs.

Wallong WPC Composite Decking

Wallong is a renowned WPC manufacturer in China with more than 13 years of experience in WPC production and industry. It owns 33 production lines, over 150 workers, and an expanding occupied area of 30,000 square meters at its Shantou factory.

There are six ranges of Wallong WPC composite decking finishes and designs to choose from, and each of them can be applied in both residential and commercial fields.


This soft texture decking is designed exclusively for house owners who are seeking personalized outdoor life solutions. With a unique color mixture and wood grain patterns, the ACME wood has a 360 degree modified elastomer protect shell, featuring extremely hard-wearing and ultra-anti-slip by using special and durable materials. Moreover, it is sound absorbent and requires low maintenance.

Sandblasted Decking

Wallong Sandblasted Decking shows the high performance of slip, stain, UV, scratch and abrasion resistance, and requires low maintenance. The ultra-matte surface and luxury colors allow the WPC composite decking type to maintains its bright color and high-quality texture, providing you high-caliber outdoor living system.

Superior Wood

If you are looking for WPC composite decking with an aesthetic appearance and optimal resistance against mold, stains and fading, Wallong Superior Wood will be your best choice. Wallong Superior Wood is an eco-friendly fully capped wood plastic composite decking, ultra-anti-slip and water-resistant. It is also resistant to insects and does not promote algae growth, mould, or fungus.

Superior Resist Wood

This wood plastic composite decking is an upgraded version of Superior Wood, made of 60% plastic, 30% wood and 10% additives. It shows super strong resistance against deep scratches and slipperiness, and you don’t need to worry your chair or high heels will leave a mark on this hardwood plastic composite decking.

Conventional Decking

Wallong Conventional Decking is made from a durable composite material, resistant to weather changes. Added with UV inhibitors, the decking ensures a more permanent color and minimum fading. Problems of expansion and contraction are well solved in Wallong Conventional Decking with its excellent moisture and thermal resistance.

Deep Embossed Decking

Wallong Deep Embossed Decking uses 3D deep embossed technology and provides three attractive color options (teak, walnut, and ash grey), fitting any home or commercial project. With 3D wood grain written directly into the surface, the decking offers a more precise and sturdy texture, making it look more beautiful over time. Apart from being environmentally friendly and easy to install, it also requires low maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What Is Wallong WPC Composite Decking Made Of?  

Wallong WPC Composite Decking is made of recycled plastic and wood fibers. The composite decking solutions are durable, low-maintenance, rot-resistant, and safe, specifically designed for outdoor spaces.

• Is Wallong WPC Composite Decking Anti-slip?

Yes, Wallong WPC Composite Decking meets the R11 level of the standard DIN 51130:2014 (a method used to evaluate and classify the slip resistance of floorings, which shall be used at workplaces and work areas with slip danger), and has gone through tests.

• Is Wallong WPC Composite Decking Fire Rated?

Yes, Wallong WPC Composite Decking has fire ratings. Among them, Wallong Superior Wood, Sandblasted Wood, Superior Resist Woo all retain an EN13501 Class B fire rating.

• Are There Fixtures and Fittings of Wallong WPC Composite Decking?

Yes, Wallong provides a complete set of fixtures and fittings for your WPC Composite Decking, including nylon clips, starting/ending clips, circle decking screws, stainless steel clips, locking clips, and expansion screw.